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Aspects to Consider When Buying Dressing and Grooming Aids

Many elderly or disabled persons find it challenging to manage some aspects of their everyday grooming routines. When they cannot do some basic things that seem relatively easy for everyone else, it can be frustrating. To ease these problems, buying handy and practical dressing aids might make the difference between frustration and independence.

There are plenty of choices for dressing & grooming aids, but you need to consider some factors before making your purchase.

1) The Kind of Need

The first thing that needs to be taken care of is the type of disability or ailment. For example, if someone has arthritis, they might need dressing aids that can help them grip things and move around easier. There are dressing aids that resemble pens and allow people to hold onto objects with a clamp-like action.

2) The Degree of the Disability

Consider is how much help your loved one needs when dressing. Some people only need a simple device for buttons and zippers, while others might need more complicated mechanisms to put on their clothes securely. For example, some people require long shoehorns to slip their shoes on.

3) The Environment

Your loved one's situation is very different when they wear their home clothing versus when they are in public. While at home, it might be more apt to get them slippers that have grips on the bottom so that they don't slip around everywhere. But, if you are trying to go out and about, you might want to consider getting them shoes that will be easier for them to maneuver around in.

4) Personal Preferences and Needs of the Person

Keep your loved one's preferences and needs in mind when looking for dressing aids. For example, if they have a specific clothing style or brand they always wear, you can buy dressing aids that are compatible with their needs. If they have limited vision or eyesight problems, consider buying clothes whose style would make them easier to put on.

5) Durability

Dressing aids need to be tough enough for regular use and gentle enough not to damage the clothing. The last thing a dressing aid should do is leave a hole or a tear in your loved one's clothing. When shopping, be wary of cheaply made products that may lead to frustration and potential injuries.

6) Safety

Some people might have trouble balancing themselves while getting dressed, so make sure the dressing aids you buy are safe to use without hurting themselves. Ensure they are securely attached to the clothing item they are supposed to be used on, and their mechanisms are tough enough not to break easily during use.

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