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Different Types of Household Aids to Use

Living a fulfilling life is the goal of any individual. However, when you have mobility issues, it can make your everyday life quite a challenge. Finding the correct aids to ensure that you can continue with your normal life is crucial.

Various household aids exist to ensure that you can complete your daily activities without significant strain on your body. Here are the different types of household aids available for your use and what you should consider when purchasing them:

Bath and Bathing Aids

Taking a shower or using the bathroom can be a real challenge to those who cannot easily bend their knees or freely move their arms. The slippery floors and walls can be an extra element of danger, leading to injuries if not careful.

Bath and bathing aids include:

  • Adjustable transfer bench to make the process of getting in and out of the tub easier
  • Grip bars to provide support and stability
  • Lotion and wash mitt to ensure thorough cleanliness
  • Corner shower seat to provide comfort during long showers
  • Adjustable clamp-on mirror
  • Molded plastic shampoo rinse basin to help with washing and conditioning hair

You can also find other bath aids depending on your requirements.

Recreation and Exercise Aids

When you're suffering from mobility issues, exercising is crucial to prevent further deterioration. Recreation and exercise aids can help provide exercise to even those body parts where you may suffer from limited mobility.

These aids include:

  • Foam roller to help relax and stretch muscles
  • Balance disks to help provide stability
  • Chair cycle exerciser to provide leg exercise
  • Flex-hand exerciser to help stretch and strengthen hands and fingers
  • Mobile ball chair to strengthen core and back

Various exercise aids exist to ensure that you can strengthen and exercise all muscle groups simultaneously. You can always get in touch with customer support to help you find an aid suitable for your requirements.

Dressing and Grooming Aids

Getting dressed and ensuring you are properly groomed can be a challenge, especially when your clothing is tricky to get on. Various aids exist to ensure that this process is seamless for your everyday needs. Some aids you can find are:

  • Cord type zipper pull dressing aid to help zip up clothes
  • Stick shoehorn to ensure you can put on shoes properly
  • Nail care combination sets
  • Bed and Bedside Aids

Ensuring you get proper rest and comfort while in bed is crucial to having a good day. Whether you require assistance getting in and out of bed or to reach drinks by your bed, there are aids available to help you out. Some aids you can find are:

  • Bed assist rail to help you find support when getting in and out of bed. It also prevents you from falling out of bed
  • Bed wedges to ensure your back has support while resting
  • Beverage holder for each access to your drinks
  • Adjustable overbed tables to ensure you have quick access to items while on the bed
  • Bed safety step ensures you can get in and out of bed safely.

A variety of household aids exist to ensure that you can live your daily life with the most independence possible. Find the right one to ensure your household activities are done as seamlessly as possible.

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